The Wild Arctic is home to Dean Baltulonis. He has earned a spot among the east coast’s most in-demand producers, mixing engineers, as well as composers/musicians.

As owner of the Wild Arctic Studios, he is able to create a range of sounds, atmospheres, and moods as he blends his experience with and knowledge of vintage gear and modern techniques. It’s no wonder why he’s been called upon to work with such bands as The Hold Steady, Goes Cube, Sick of it All, the Gay Blades, and many others. Indeed he’s produced the albums that regularly appear on year-end and best-of lists.

As a composer, Dean has shown he can work across a spectrum of genres and demands. Turn on the television, and you’re likely to hear his original work, when you consider he’s scored spots for Samsung, Starburst, Breathe Right Nasal Strips, VH1, and MTV, and his work has been used in Friday Night Lights, America’s Got Talent, Dateline, American Pickers, 16 & Pregnant, and numerous others.